Creating a Team

Congratulations, now you have created your TapIn account, you are ready to create your first team!

Step 1: Select your role – choose ‘I am a Coach’

Step 2: On the top right corner of the app you will see a plus sign and a prompt to add your first team.

Step 3: Complete the basic data on your team:

  • Gender: Is this a boys or girls team?
  • Birth Year: Select the birth year of the oldest player on your team.  This is the age group which your team will compete in the league.

Step 4: Select your teams league location by choosing your Department/Region and then your Commune/District.

Step 5: Enter your Team Name and Club Name (if applicable).

Step 6: Upload your team logo.  If you don’t have this to hand, you can skip.  If you need help creating a team logo, let us know!

Step 7: Upload a team photo.  If you don’t have this to hand, you can skip for now.


Great job! You have now created your team and are ready to add your first player!