TapIn Mobile Solutions Completes First Funding Round

TapIn Mobile Solutions, a sports league mobile management platform, is pleased to announce it has secured over $600K in angel round funding.
Founded in spring 2019, TapIn Mobile Solutions is a platform that enables the self-management and organization of youth football leagues from a mobile device with a focus on serving developing nations.  

TapIn’s enterprise league platform is the first of its kind to cover all aspects of the game, creating ease and enjoyment for parents and players, coaches, officials, and administrators alike. 

In addition to being a best-in-class league management platform, TapIn’s mission will also aim to highlight how development of business in emerging nations can both drive shareholder value, and focus on social good.  In light of this, TapIn has formed a ‘Committee for Good’ which is comprised of a combination of Entrepreneurs, Venture Investors, Fortune 500 executives and representatives from Prominent Non-profits focusing on Health and Disease management and detection in the developing world.

“We are delighted to have secured our initial round of funding as we move into this next phase and accelerate our growth,” said TapIn co-founder and CEO Steve Schechter. “We are now well positioned to finalize our enterprise league management and communications platform and bring our product to initial markets,” said Schechter. 

TapIn has signed partnerships with the Fédération Haïtienne De Football (FHF) and the Federation of Uganda Football Associations (FUFA) to develop youth football leagues in Haiti and Uganda respectively. Player and Coach registrations are starting in August and September 2019 to begin League play in January 2020 in both countries. TapIn anticipates announcing additional partnerships in East Africa in the next month. 

President of the Fédération Haïtienne De Football – Dr Yves Jean-Bart

“Without TMS, we simply wouldn’t be able to manage all that goes into running a nationally based league in a developing market like Haiti,” 

General Secretary of the National Council of Sports Ministry of Education and Sports in the Republic of Uganda – Dr Bernard Ogwel

“We are looking forward to hosting and offering an environment where our youth will be able to engage in constructive activities, such as football, that will help create various avenues for their success. Thank you TapIn for choosing to support the children in their footballing careers here in Uganda!”

For more information on TapIn Mobile Solutions:

Website: www.tapinmobilesolutions.com

E-mail: socialgood@tapinmobilesolutions.com 

Phone: 508-433-6333

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Steve Schechter

CEO and Co-founder

Steve Schechter is a co-founder of Tapln Mobile Solutions and the former COO of ExchangeBlvd. He has extensive executive and management experience, as well as decades of experience within youth football. Steve has served as a Senior Staff Coach for one of the world’s largest youth football clubs (Global Premier Soccer) as well as serving as the Executive Director and President for its international foundation.