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Boston, 3rd September, 2019; Excitement for the upcoming inaugural Ligue Nationale De Football Des Jeunes D’Haiti (LNFJH) is growing throughout the country and one TapIn Regional General Manager recently embarked on a lone mission to spread the word about the league.

Louis-Robert Bassiany, undertook a 500 mile journey on his motorcycle to the Northwest region of the nation.  Over the course of 11 days, he hosted 11 ‘town-hall’ meetings for team managers, players and referees throughout the department visiting cities such as Anse-Rouge, Bale-de-Henne, Port-de-Paix, Bord-De-Mer de Jean Rabel and Mole Saint-Nicolas. In the events he presented the concept of the LNFJH, showcased the TapIn app and registered interested participants.

Whilst the technology of TapIn is essential to the development of the LNFJH, a commitment has also been made to engage on the ground.  Bassiany (35) is one of 17 Regional Managers based across the country and is one of three in the Artobonite department.

Bassiany who studied at the Centre Sport pour L’Espoir and also currently serves as Director of Programming at Radio tele Excelsior 93.9 FM and as aPE Teacher at Ecole Presbyterale Saint Pierre states that he ‘loves this job’.

“The LNFJH is determined to ensure that we reach all parts of the country and connect with players, coaches and referees as we look to create a truly national league,” said TapIn co-founder Pedro Herivaux.  “The work GMs like Bassiany are putting in to spread the message is fantastic to see and we’re incredibly excited for registration to open later this month,” said Herivaux.

For more information on the LFNJH please visit www.tapinhaiti.com or call Call +509 32 33 6666.

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