Ligue Nationale de Football des Jeunes d’Haiti Launches

Port au Prince, Haiti – This past Saturday, with the kickoff of the inaugural Ligue Nationale de Football des Jeunes d’Haiti, the long held vision of creating a competitive and organized youth football league in Haiti became a reality for TapIn Mobile Solutions co-founders Pedro Herivaux and Steve Schechter. Utilizing the revolutionary TapIn Mobile League Management platform, over 1600 U12-U18 male and female players representing 71 teams from around Port au Prince will compete in a 7 game league season. The milestone represents a massive opportunity for young people in Haiti, a first for Haitan Football, and a big step for TapIn as the premier league management application for youth leagues around the world.  

Reflecting on the achievement, Herivaux spoke about his own experience growing up in Haiti and the chances that the league will create for children from similar situations, “I’m 52 years old and there has never been a National Youth League in Haiti. How can we find the best talent, which we know is here, without a league? Most of these players come from really difficult circumstances. We are opening up the door for these players to showcase themselves and open up further opportunities in education and soccer. We can help these kids come out of the slum without being involved in gangs. I came from a slum in Haiti and if it wasn’t for soccer, I might not be alive. Soccer gave me everything in my life. If we want our youth not to be involved in gangs and instead grow to become tomorrow’s leaders, we need to offer them something else and soccer is the only thing they have. Sport is the way we these kids come out of their situation and follow their passion and dreams”.

With a commitment to using soccer to create the same life changing opportunities afforded to Herivaux for Haitian youth, TapIn Mobile Solutions was born in June of 2019 to provide a technological solution to the complexities of creating and managing a youth league on a national scale.  All aspects of league setup and management, from player registration, coach education and payments, to referee assignment and post match reporting, take place in the TapIn smartphone platform. Coaches, players, referees, and field owners from throughout Port-au-Prince had the opportunity to register themselves on the TapIn platform to be part of the league, with in-app functionality mirroring the on the field role of each member of the league. As members of the league, each player received a home and away jersey supplied exclusively by the official kit supplier of all TapIn leagues, Palla Sportswear.

Just over a year after founding TapIn Mobile Solutions, Schechter shared his excitement at a landmark moment for the company and for the Haitain community, What an exciting time for everyone at TapIn and in the Haitian football community! The launch of this league has been a personal dream of our founders for a long time. I know that I speak for the entire TapIn organization, when I say that we deeply appreciate having the opportunity to play our part in creating opportunities for players and advancing economic development and positive social impact in Haiti. This is a league run by and for the Haitian people, and through our platform, we expect it to become an anchor and foundation for Haitian football for many years to come”.

The launch of the inaugural Ligue Nationale de Football des Jeunes d’Haiti is the beginning of an exciting new period for TapIn Mobile Solutions as it embarks on planning for new youth leagues in Uganda, Jamaica, Ghana, and Tanzania. 
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Steve Schechter

CEO and Co-founder

Steve Schechter is a co-founder of Tapln Mobile Solutions and the former COO of ExchangeBlvd. He has extensive executive and management experience, as well as decades of experience within youth football. Steve has served as a Senior Staff Coach for one of the world’s largest youth football clubs (Global Premier Soccer) as well as serving as the Executive Director and President for its international foundation.