The Future of Haitian Football

In 2020, the Ligue Nationale De Football Des Jeunes D’Haiti (LNFJH), Haiti’s first nationwide youth based league, will launch.  Endorsed and sanctioned by the Haitian Football Federation (FHF), the league will enable players, coaches and teams to compete and be identified.

Haitian football is on the rise as the 2019 Gold Cup success proved.  The LNFJH will help power the next generation of Haiti superstars in the men’s and women’s games. You can help by sponsoring one of the many teams below!

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Ouest Pilot League Sponsorship Options

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To sponsor teams or players from across Haiti, please visit

TapIn Mobile Solutions

The LNFJH is powered by TapIn Mobile Solutions. TapIn Mobile Solutions was formed by Steve Schechter and Pedro Herivaux in early 2019 with a vision to create a sustainable model to empower young people in developing nations and connect talent with opportunity.

In 2020 we will launch the first ever national youth football leagues in Haiti and Uganda.  Hundreds of teams have signed up to participate in each country. Thousands of players will now have the chance to play in an organized soccer league for the first time.  Many  will have their talent identified for regional and national youth teams with the soccer federations being able to cast a wider net in their pursuit of the best young talent.

Team and player sponsorship is a way for soccer lovers to give back to the game and allow us to ensure no player is left out of a TapIn league.  Despite our costs being incredibly low by US standards, there are families and players who still require scholarships to participate in the league.  Your support enables our TapIn leagues to continue to employ TapIn Managers and Representatives in each of our TapIn locations, helping to provide jobs and opportunities in the nations we serve.

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Steve Schechter

CEO and Co-founder

Steve Schechter is a co-founder of Tapln Mobile Solutions and the former COO of ExchangeBlvd. He has extensive executive and management experience, as well as decades of experience within youth football. Steve has served as a Senior Staff Coach for one of the world’s largest youth football clubs (Global Premier Soccer) as well as serving as the Executive Director and President for its international foundation.