Adding a Player to a Team

Congratulations, now you have created your first team , you are ready to add your first player!

Step 1: Choose your team from the list you’ve created

Step 2: Hit the player and plus icon in the top right corner and then select create new player from the pop up.

Step 3: Enter the player’s first and last name

Step 4: Edit the player’s gender and date of birth

Step 5: Upload proof of ID of player (birth certificate or passport) – you can either take a picture or upload from your camera roll

Step 6: Add the player’s personal information (email, phone number, address) – this can all be skipped initially

Step 7: Choose the player’s shirt size and uniform number

Step 8: Add the player’s headshot. You can either upload, or take a photo with the player present

Great job! Now you can add the rest of your players!

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